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National Vietnam Veterans Museum 1996 – 2017

National Vietnam Veterans Museum 1996 – 2017

The new Exhibition at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum relates the story of the Museum, from the very beginnings to the significant establishment it is today.

The journey uses authentic images, videos and displays to take you along the road that was travelled by veterans and volunteers, starting out with John Methven and his wife Krishna as they travelled 13,000 kilometres around Australia, in 1996 and funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, searching out Vietnam veterans, to tell them about the support which, eventually, had been made available to returned servicemen and women from the Vietnam War. The Museum started off in a garage and has ended up in an aircraft hangar.

The aircraft hangar was delivered to the site in rusty sections. Volunteers and veterans built what it is today. This is their story and the inspiration that drove them. Be amazed at the power of their vision and the sheer grit and determination that has carried them along and is still driving the project to bigger and better results. Thousands of man hours and many thousands of dollars, all on a self-funded, self-help basis, undertaken by a team of dedicated veterans and volunteers, ably led by John Methven are the heroes responsible for the Museum we have today.

Future plans mean a quantum leap forward, embracing every facet of the Museum’s corporate structure, management, financial, operational procedures, construction requirements, staffing levels, training and most important, property ownership. The Exhibition runs from Monday 5 June 2017 to Sunday 5 November 2017.