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Grumman Tracker

June 2014. Reassembly of the Grumman continues with the hydraulics and electrical of the wing folding mechanism completed however there are numerous connections still to make where the wing centre section and engines were removed. All of the main structural attach points are now secure and all of the various access panels, doors etc are reinstalled save for one set of tail fin to tail plane fairings. Unfortunately when the airframe was originally disassembled in the early 1990s all of the heads of the screws (some 100 or so), had been sheared off to facilitate the easy removal of the tail assembly. In the intervening years the remaining studs have corroded and seized requiring the removal of all of the strip nuts to enable the broken studs to be removed. This has now been rectified and the strip nuts ready for reinstallation. In the intervening years two of the fairings on the right hand side have been lost so two replacements have now been manufactured and are ready for installation. Also close to the left hand wing route corrosion was found in a longeron and its associated belt frame this necessitated the removal of a section of the longeron and a small section of the belt frame where it came into contact with the longeron. New pieces will need to be manufactured as both pieces are beyond recovery.