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Cobra Helicopter

May 2014

All repairs to the left side of the aircraft are complete and some paint prepared panels have been replaced; but a major repair is required on the transmission support structure - this will be left until later in the program. Meanwhile all of the left side removable panels are paint prepared and will be reattached as and when the etch primer is applied.

Our Navy teams from HMAS Cerberus continue with their remedial maintenance work on the Cobra, they are also preparing and painting 8 facsimile Tube Launched Optically Tracked Wire Guided (TOW) missiles for inclusion on the Cobra display. The war heads for the 36 2.75” (70mm) Mk4 air to ground rockets are also prepared and are in primer paint awaiting final colour. Remedial work on the various access doors and panels of the Cobra continued throughout April- July with July work directed towards the fabrication of a series of racks for holding panels etc for spray painting.

June 2014

All of the repair and maintenance programs for the repair and replacement of corroded and damaged skins and fasteners have been completed on the left hand side of this machine save for the repairs to the main structure of the transmission support tower. As part of the demil program two of the primary support structures have been seriously abused with a disc grinder and over time will pose a significant problem if not repaired. We expect this part of the plan to be completed by the end of July this year. The access panels can then be replaced ready for final paint; the main rotor blades have also suffered significant degradation so will require refurbishment in the very near future.