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Tracked Vehicles M113

The museum has been trying to obtain an iconic M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier for display for some time, and has placed an expression of interest with the Defence Sales Organisation for a vehicle to be allocated to the museum when it comes up for disposal through the DSO system.  A decision by the Minister to make such disposals is expected to be made after July 2014, after which a DSO Committee will allocate actual vehicles.  There is not yet any guarantee that the museum will be given one, but we do anticipate positive news in due course.  There is a particular vehicle we would be keen to have, which is one crewed in Vietnam by a local veteran – but we have to wait and see.

If and when a vehicle is finally in place, a major refurbishment of the museum area containing the Centurion tank, the 105mm pack howitzer and the M113 will take place.