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Museum Accreditation

Museums Australia (Victoria) has now confirmed our acceptance into the MAP program.  The goal is to achieve accreditation by February, 2018.   
NVVM is committed to becoming an accredited Museum within the Museum community.  MAP is a tool to help us develop NVVM with reference to accepted National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries, across all areas of the museum – not just the collection. MAP is also a dual accreditation program with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Association.  This means that when MAP has been completed, NVVM will be able to use the ‘tick logo’ used for accredited tourism businesses and can also share the benefits associated with this program.

Now that our MAP program is underway, we can expect to spend 2-3 years developing procedures, policies and practice to meet recognised museum standards. Training, advice and information is available to assist NVVM in meeting these standards. Within NVVM, we have a great core team of enthusiastic volunteers to implement MAP. We’re certainly keen to help from anyone who might be able to help, including to help the cataloguing team, in conservation and preservation of everything from water bottles to airplanes and to help us develop new galleries and exhibitions, among the many other aspects of MAP needing volunteer assistance.