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Master Plan


The museum Board, in early 2014, ratified most of the 63 recommendations contained in a comprehensive Master Plan – to provide a roadmap for museum development out to 2025 - commissioned with funding from Regional Development Victoria.

The plan was instigated in recognition that the Vietnam veterans theme of the museum, in the context of the ageing Veteran community, may not be sustainable to reach and teach future generations about the heritage and legacy of the veterans’ service in the Vietnam conflict. The Board agreed that while the core and ethos of the museum would remain the Vietnam veteran experience, the museum experience would also be broadened to encompass the experiences of others involved in the Vietnam war, including the experiences of any veterans of the conflict regardless of country of origin and whether military or non-military, families and friends affected by the war, and even the experiences of those who opposed the war. It was recognised by the Board that the NVVM needed to be inclusive and to broaden its appeal to a wider range of community visitors in order to effectively reach out to and educate post-Vietnam generations.

To this end, the Board agreed in principle that the museum must continue to grow physically and thematically to meet its mission.