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General Manager

"The National Vietnam Veterans Museum has a “sense of place” that I have not experienced in my working life. It is quite positive and unique.

Volunteers are our lifeblood. Including restoration, front of house, collections, library, maintenance and many more. We are indebted to their enthusiasm and unquestionable belief in our Mission and Vision.
Our Board adopted a Master Plan articulating our future pathway. It clarifies a journey that all of us are committed to travel as the destination promises to be a true legacy to those who paid the ultimate price and to those who served in Vietnam. 

As this message is written, our Museum has grown beyond its physical boundaries but in keeping with the philosophy that Phillip Island is the spiritual home of the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, our plan is to expand and offer a far greater visitor experience and at the same time protect the legacy of the Veterans. It is an exciting time and an open invitation is extended to those who might wish to join us on our Mission.”

Braxton Laine