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Key Themes and Timeframes:

The National Vietnam Veterans Museum rigorously encompasses a thematic framework centered on the experiences of the Australian Vietnam War Veterans augmented by the experiences of other participants involved in the war that interacted with Australian Vietnam War Veterans to provide a personal, multi-dimensional and holistic experience.

The key themes are the Vietnam Veteran experiences in Vietnam broken down into the major phases of Australian involvement on the ground (Army, Navy and Air Force) over the period 1962 – 1975. Central to our Museum is the experience of Vietnam Veterans;

  • The experience of those that Australian Veteran fought against;
  • The experiences of Australian Veterans family and friends;
  • The experiences of those involved in the peace movement and
  • The experiences of allies the Australian Veterans fought alongside.

Item donations:

If you are unsure whether your item meets these parameters (time/relation to the Vietnam conflict) please email a photo and brief description of it to and we will assist you.

For conditions of donation please refer to the Collection Policy.

Important: When donating an item to the National Vietnam Veterans Museum you are transferring legal ownership of said item to the National Vietnam Veterans Museum.

Please note: The National Vietnam Veterans Museum does not provide item valuations.